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Industrial Application

1Function application

Base Station, Server, Industrial power supply, Industrial control, Optical communication, Photovoltaic products and other high-reliability application fields

2Product Features

Related Product Series

High-Q Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (U Series)

High-Q and High-Power Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (P series)

Industrial Grade Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (B series)

Industrial Grade Medium~High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (B series - Medium~High Voltage )

U Series & P Series Product Features

1) High withstand voltage, the highest rated working voltage reaches 100Vdc ~500Vdc

2) High working temperature , the highest rated working temperature can reach 125°C ( C0G ) ~150°C ( X8G )

3) The copper inner electrode material has excellent high-frequency performance , meets the requirements of high Q value and low ESR , and is very suitable for the coupling circuit and impedance matching of the base station transmitter

4) It can meet the requirements of high-precision capacitance tolerance

5) High reliability , meeting industrial application requirements

Typical Specifications of U series & P series

U Series-0201-High Q-C0G-0.2pF-±0.05pF-100V

P series-0402-High Q-C0G-10pF-±5%-200V

P series-0603-High Q-X8G-10pF-±2%-250V

P series-0805-High Q-X8G-22pF-±2%-500V

B Series Product Features

1) High reliability, meeting the requirements of industrial applications, suitable for products requiring high reliability, high temperature and high humidity and other application environments such as commercial equipment, equipment that needs to run for a long time, and outdoor environmental applications

2)High temperature resistance , high rated working temperature, typical product temperature characteristic materials such as: X6S /X6T (~105℃), C0G/ X7R/X7S /X7T (~125℃)

Typical Specifications of B Series





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