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  • If employed by the company, how long will the labor contract be signed?

    The contract period is three years, calculated from the date of joining the company upon graduation, in which the probation period is six months (production practice in the first three months and on-the-job practice in the last three months).

  • What are the related subsidies?

    (1) In the first year in Shenzhen, the sales staff of the marketing center will be provided with a housing subsidy of 800 yuan/month.

    (2) Workday lunch allowance: 300 yuan/month in Shenzhen and 200 yuan/month in Fenggang, Dongguan; The amount of telephone allowance will be determined by level; The subsidy for the length of service is 30 yuan/month for a full year, and so on, with an upper limit of 500 yuan.

  • What’s to be done if the job applicant passes the interview but fails to pass the physical examination?

    Before going through the formal entry procedures, you need to go to the company’s designated hospital for a physical examination. If you fail to pass the physical examination (with infectious diseases or other diseases that do not meet the requirements of the position), we will terminate the agreement according to the tripartite agreement (neither party will be liable for breach of contract). After you recover, if you still have the intention, and there are still vacancies in the position, the company will give priority to your application.

  • How does the company handle graduate files and household registration?

    For fresh graduates with bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, the company will handle the settlement for those who meet the requirements for household registration in Shenzhen and Dongguan. The files will be transferred to the talent exchange service center, and the specific relevant matters will be notified when they are handled.

  • After signing a contract with the company, what’s to be done if the job applicant is admitted to a graduate school?

    First of all, before signing the contract, the job applicant can’t hide the fact that he/she is preparing for taking the postgraduate & Ph.D. entrance examination or he/she has taken the postgraduate & Ph.D. entrance examination. Instead, when applying for the job, the job applicant should mark it in the graduate basic information registration form. Before going to work in the company, the job applicant who has signed the contract with the company can cancel the agreement with the company by virtue of the acceptance letter, and he/she does not need to bear the responsibility for breach of contract; If the job applicant fails to inform the company of his/her preparations for the postgraduate & Ph.D. entrance examination ahead of time, the company will make him/her held liable for breach of contract.

  • How are the working hours arranged?

    During the production practice period (fixed position, rotation), the normal working hours include the period from 8:30 to 12:00, from 13:30 to 18:00 (work from Monday to Saturday, rest on Sunday), and the salary is determined according to the salary during the probation period. During the internship, the legal holidays are the same as those in the office area.

    After the production practice, work according to the working hours in the office area, the specific schedule is as follows: 8:30-12:00, 13:30-18:00 from Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:30 on Saturday.

  • Where is the specific place of work?

    In principle, the production practice of all college students will be arranged in the production base in Fenggang, Dongguan.

    The job applicant for the position in Chuzhou, Anhui Province, after cultural training in Fenggang, will be arranged to go to the production base in Chuzhou, Anhui Province.

    The job applicant for the position of sales representative and technical service engineer of the marketing center will work in Fenggang, Dongguan for the first year, and in Shenzhen or overseas offices one year later.

    In addition to the above, the rest of the staff will work in Fenggang, Dongguan.

  • How to solve the problem of accommodation after being recruited in the company?

    In the early stage, the company will arrange accommodation for the graduates in the production base in Dongguan. According to the occupancy situation of the dormitories at that time, double rooms or large dormitories for undergraduates and single or double rooms for postgraduates will be provided. The dormitory is provided with air conditioner, toilet, shower room, indoor balcony, and Internet and cable TV can be connected. The company will charge water and electricity fee according to actual consumption and management fee (50 yuan for single occupant and 25 yuan for double occupants) every month.

  • What kind of insurance benefits are employees entitled to?

    Insurance: The company will provide social insurance (five kinds of social insurance and one housing fund) according to the relevant national and local requirements, and employees at some positions will be provided with supplementary commercial insurance.

    Benefits: Paid annual leave, physical examination, annual travel, lunch allowance, free shuttle bus between Shenzhen and Dongguan.

  • How to calculate overtime pay if employees work overtime?

    The company does not encourage employees to work overtime, but due to the different nature of work, such as sales personnel, it is common to visit customers during off hours. Overtime work with project progress in the product R & D and process development positions will be rewarded in the form of project bonus, and no extra overtime payment or compensatory leave will be included. If personnel in other departments need to work overtime due to work arrangement, they need to apply in advance, and the company will arrange compensatory leave according to the situation.

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