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Leading technology, customer first

    Since its establishment in 2001, Shenzhen EYANG Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been a Product Diagram committed to the R&D, production, and sales of electronic components. The company has made critical investments to build the world's advanced MLCC (multilayer ceramic capacitors) production lines in its new factories in Dongguan and Chuzhou.

    Leveraging its independent R&D and innovation system, EYANG has evolved into one of the world's leading MLCC manufacturers.  EYANG provides high-quality MLCC products to clients in mobile phones, base stations, computers and accessories, embedded chips, NetCom equipment, household appliances, security equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, etc.

    As a leading MLCC manufacturer in China, miniaturized and high-frequency MLCC are  EYANG's traditionally superior products.  EYANG's micro MLCC products rank top in the industry, and the total output of miniaturization is included among the top three globally. In addition to the traditionally superior products, EYANG has expanded the P series MLCC with high power, low loss, and C0G high capacitance to meet the demand growth of 5G base stations and other network communication equipment. The company's products have expanded from the original 5G mobile Internet terminal market to the 5G whole industry chain market of the base station and system application and embedded chip application and successfully expanded from the consumer market to the industrial application market.

    EYANG is building a new R&D center in South China and a new factory in East China. After the new factory entirely operates,  EYANG will significantly improve its production capacity. At that time,  EYANG MLCC could produce the full range of product sizes and capacitance.

     EYANG commits to meeting customer needs, investing in product R&D, optimizing productivity, and improving service quality.  EYANG's goal is to become the top manufacturer of MLCC in the world.

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