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Product Category by Application

1. Mobile Products

Mobile Communication Terminal

Cell Phones (including GSM/DCS cellular mobile phones and 3G cellular mobile phones and smart phones such as  TDS-CDMA, W-CDMA, CDMA 2000, etc.);

Cordless phones (including1.8GHz~5.6GHz digital cordless phones);


Mobile Data Communication and Information Terminal

PPC (MID), Wireless data cards and W-LAN.

Mobile Communication and Information Peripherals

Bluetooth, PA, Mobile TV Modules, Microphones, Cameras, Mobile Phone Chargers, LithiumBatteries, Mini LCD and Modules, SIM Cards, SD Cards, USB, E-bank USB KEY, IC Cards and RFID.

 Mobile AV and Entertainment Products

MP3, MP4, Portable DVD, Vehicle-mounted Stereo, Game Consoles, Electronic Clocks, Digital Cameras, Cameras.   

Portable Electronic Health Products

Sphygmomanometers, Glucometers and Hearing Aids.

 2. Network Products

   Hubs, Routers, Wireless Routers, Photo-communication Modules

3. Others

   3.1 IT and Peripherals

PC, Laptops, Mainboard, Memory Banks, HDD, Display Cards, Audio Cards, Network Cards, CD Drivers, LCD and Printers.

   3.2 AV and Home Appliances

          LCD-TV, Set Top Boxes, DVD, Tuners, Modulators and Decoding Decks.

    3.3 Electrical and Industrial Products

            Smart Meters, Industrial Power Supplies and LED Lighting. 

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