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Eyang Technology attended the PORTABLE INNOVATE 2012

Published:2012-8-22 14:06:37

   As the famous component manufacturer of China, Eyang was invited to attend the China’s Portable products Innovation Exhibition, Which is hold at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on July 25th to 26th, 2012. On the exhibition, Eyang  display the typical Mini and Ultra-Mini MLCC and also give a speech of the design and type selection of MLCC. Via the speech, Eyang  give the engineers who majored in the domestic consumer electronics and also push forward EYANG towards the aim of “To be the MLCC Selection VAR under New Consumer Electronics Times”。
   As always, Eyang win the customer trust and high praise as a professional manufacturer. At the same time, Eyang had strong showings in the research and selection of the products, which made it become one of the highly influential component manufacturers in China. On the exhibition, EYANG invited the typical products and also recommend the HQC products according to the demand of Frequency in the portable equipment market。
   According to the development trend of electronic products , the same function was applied on the consumer electronics and digital appliance. The speed, precision has became the challenge for everyone. Eyang also follow up the trend of “miniaturization, intellectualization, and branding”, and try to improve the performance of products, enlarge its customer base. So that Eyang will change from the manufacturer to VAR, to offer the most timely, most professional and most authoritative products and service。

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