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“New EYANG, New Cohesion, New Future”: EYANG Technology Successfully Holds 2020 Distributor Conference

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On July 1, bearing the hopes and dreams, the 2020 National Distributor Conference of EYANG Technology is held in Shenzhen. In total, 36 agents and 77 guests attend the event, discussing enthusiastically under the theme of "New EYANG, New Cohesion, New Future".


Zhou Chunhua, Chairman of the Board of Directors, attaches great importance to the event and attends the event with Liao Jie, General Manager, Jing Wenping, Executive Vice President, Xue Yuan, General Manager of the Marketing Center, as well as related managers. In his address, Chairman Zhou expresses his appreciation to the agent representatives and guests, reviews the development history and business conditions of Yuyang Technology, clarifies the incidents in 2019, and expresses his confidence and determination to reinvent the new EYANG and make the MLCC industry greater and stronger; he especially emphasizes that EYANG Technology will establish a standardized and scientific governance system to regulate management through systems and processes. And efforts will be made continuously to adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and transparency in dealing with agents to create a stable, healthy, mutually beneficial and win-win long-term mechanism.


General Manager Liao Jie highlights the plant layout and future investment plan of EYANG Technology. He explains the existing production capacity, the reliability of the four platform products, the stability of the team and other advantages, and shares his views on the recent trends and long-term development of the MLCC industry. Mr. Jing and Mr. Xue, executives of EYANG, give detailed introduction to the product quality assurance, delivery guarantee, the marketing organization structure of “one body and two wings” as well as agent policies of the Company.


Mr. Liu from Yanghetong delivers a brief speed on behalf of the agents.  In the exchange session, the agents raise several concerns, and the participating leaders provide detailed answers one by one. As the exchange continued to deepen, the agents propose many valuable suggestions, all express their confidence in the future cooperation and willingness to join hands with EYANG Technology for further development.

The conference concludes successfully in a warm atmosphere, and the participants enjoy the dinner together.

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