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  • Micro MLCC
  • Micro high specific volume
    EYANG’s high capacity products focus on the micro series. Currently, the 0201 series covers 1uF and 2.2μF, and 4.7μF is under development. The 01005 series cover 0.22μF and 0.47μF, which is under development
    High frequency series
    EYANG high frequency products (C0G/HQC) ,They are widely used in RF wireless communication products and modules such as mobile phones and network communication.
    HQC 0402/0201 : 0.1pF~33pF
    HQC 01005: 0.2pF~22pF
    High precision series
    The complete series of 01005, 0201, and 0402 high precision products are used in crystal oscillators, PLL, VCO, RFID, NFC technology, and mobile internet terminal.
    10pF以下:A (±0.05pF) B(±0.1pF)
    10pF以上: F (±1%) G (±2%)

  • High reliability series
  • Micro materials and process technology are used to improve product reliability.

    High reliability / High voltage
    Conforming to the trend of thinner and lighter mobile internet products, EYANG is committed to developing high reliability and commonly used micro MLCC. Typical specifications:
    0201 X5R 0.1μF 16V/25V/35V
    0402 X5R 0.1μF 35V/50V
    0201/0402 C0G/X7R 100V/200V
    0603 C0G/X7R 200V/250V
    0805 C0G/X7R 500V/630V
    1206 C0G/X7R 1000V/2000V
    High temperature series
    High temperature-resistant products are mainly developed to combat heating issues in mobile internet and desktop equipment. Typical specifications:
    0201 X6S 0.1μF M 6.3V/10V/16V 
    0201 X7T 0.1μF M 6.3V/10V
    0201 X6S 0.22μF M 6.3V
    0201/0402 X6S 0.47μF M 6.3V
    0201 X6T 1μF M 4V
    0402 X7T 1μF M 4V
    Industrial grade series
    Higher reliability MLCC is used in industrial and automotive electronic products: 0201 / 0402 / 0603 series
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