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Netcom Equipment Application

1Function application

Access network products and related applications, optical modems, routers, Netcom-related modules and other products

2Product Features

Related Product Series

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors for General Use (C series)

High-Q Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (C Series -HQC)

High-Q Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (U Series)

C Series Product Features

1) Wide range of products and full coverage

2) The product series are mature and stable, with years of application accumulation in related fields

Typical Specifications of C Series






C Series-HQC & U Series Product Features

With high Q value and low ESR, it can reduce signal attenuation and energy loss, enhance signal transmission power, and improve the performance of Netcom products

Typical Specifications of C Series-HQC & U Series

01005-High Q-C0G-0.5pF-±0.1pF-25V

01005-High Q-C0G-22pF-±5%-25V

0201-High Q-C0G-1.0pF-±0.05pF-25V

0201-High Q-C0G-33pF-±5%-25V

0402-High Q-C0G-0.1pF-±0.1pF-50V

0402-High Q-C0G-47pF-±5%-50V

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